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Gift ideas, makeup, with which you will succeed.

In this post you have several gift ideas with which you will get it right this Christmas. If you are a boyfriend / husband / partner doubting how to get it right this Christmas, this post will help you. Let's be honest, makeup is almost always a winning bet. I have received some messages (secretly) from some husbands and boyfriends of my clients. […]

HD Makeup: What You Should Know

The beginnings of makeup in the cinema To talk about HD makeup we must go back to the beginnings of the cinema where makeup was necessary and the king was undoubtedly Max Factor, it was the era of black and white cinema. With the evolution to color, makeup also had to evolve and brands known […]


After much work and effort, finally, our next event comes to light: Impulsa-T. 1st MAKE UP AND DREAMS CONFERENCE: IMPULSA-T It is an event in which we will try to explain some keys to boost your business and your personal brand through two ways: Management of RRSS: Instagram Administration and management of […]

Bridal event: BrideMeetsBride 5/6/18

We have prepared a very special event. Throughout all these years I have realized that, many times, the best advice a girlfriend receives comes from another who has already married in the past. That is why we have called this event: BrideMeetsBride. When? The BrideMeetsBride event will be on Sunday 6 […]

Choosing the perfect blush

Choosing the perfect blush is not an easy task, but in this post you will find some simple guidelines to help you in your search. What should be considered when choosing the perfect blush shade? Skin type: oily, dry, smooth or with imperfections ... Skin tone: light, brown, yellow undertone, pink ... Personality: Classical, transgressive ... In [...]

My must-have blush / blush

It can be called in many different ways: blush, blush, blush ... For me it is a GREAT complement that «changes your face», since it gives it a «good health» appearance. The blush, along with the mascara, are the two essential in makeup. In the market there are thousands of options but do you want to know which […]