Theatrical Devil

Good morning everyone!!!

I should have already updated the blog a bit…. ayyy, it can't be !! But I have a good excuse: there are quite a few projects on the way, I was with more makeup classes… plus I'm studying for an exam… Well, it's not enough of an excuse so it won't happen again !!!

Well, this post is about one of the last classes of the course in which I had to do a body painting. I have already made a pair so it was nothing very new for me, but it helped me to see new techniques that I am not used to using ...

The truth is that I consider myself to be a makeup artist ... uhmmm ... I don't know how to say it exactly ... Sometimes it costs me to risk it and I go little by little because I know that sometimes in a makeup if you spend then you can correct but the makeup does not come out so clean .

But if you can, sometimes I should take a little more risk. This class has served me well, that is why I have called it a «different body painting» because if I had not done it in class with my teacher I would not have done it this way, although it has helped me to discover that I am capable of doing different things ... and that's always a positive thing !!!

This body painting is much more exaggerated than what I usually do and I think that at the theater level (that is, by far) it would be spectacular. My initial idea was to make a devil, but a rather realistic and elegant devil, but of course, it is clear that I did not risk enough and did not stand out, so my teacher Silvia encouraged me to take more risks ...

Here it is:

make up demon devil maquillaje demonio hombre bodypainting body paint

My initial idea was to use only two colors: red and black, but my teacher advised me to use white to give it more strength and contrast. It is still another option that makes the result, yes, more spectacular.

In case you ever want to do a makeup of this style, these were the colors I used:


And if you are interested in knowing how to use water-based makeup correctly, I explained it in an entry HERE

I would also like to thank my model and friend Federico who lent himself for the occasion :)

demonio teatral maquillaje devil make up bodypainting hombre body paint

I hope you liked the entry;) Kisses !!!!

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  1. Amanda Noguera
    Amanda Noguera Dice:

    Thank you very much!!! / Muito obrigado !!!
    (translated by google translate)
    I am glad that people from other countries visit my website: D


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