Brides made up by Make Up & Dreams

Are you get married?

One thing all brides agree on is that your wedding day is unique and unrepeatable. A day you will never forget.

This service is designed to make you feel even more special in your day contributing tranquillity and that you feel yourself on the most important day of your lifetime.

At Make Up & Dreams we know that every bride is only. That is why, 6 years ago, we created our exclusive service for brides called «VIB» (very important bride).

In this service, everything revolves around the girlfriend, carrying out a previous analysis of tastes and needs, as well as monitoring until the day of the wedding.

How do I book?

we only fuck one wedding per day so I recommend you check first if we have your date available. In that case, we will send you all the information without obligation, and if you have any questions I will be happy to discuss it together. If the service is to your liking, you must book by paying as a sign... And you already have your date reserved!

The makeup test and the wedding day.

We will arrange a date for the Test when you already have the dress, the shoes and other details, so that the makeup goes in the same harmony. Before taking the test, you will receive a virtual interview to be able to prepare that day in the best possible way and get together the makeup of your dreams.

We will be in contact until the day of the wedding for any unexpected that may arise That day I will bring everything you need to do your makeup and I will stay until preparations. Also, you won't have to worry about looking for a lipstick from retouch since I will provide it to you, going to buy one especially for you and make it yours for forever. I assure you that that day you will shine with own light!

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"Life is measured in experiences." That is why we have created our services: VIB (very important bride), the Beauty Corner and the Glitter Bar for your wedding. Everyone will remember her!

VIB Bridal Service (Very Important Bride)

  • Makeup trial / advice

    The test consists of a advice and the recreation of full makeup.

    Before the test you will receive a interview so that you can prepare for the test in the best possible way. After discussing all the possible aspects, we will proceed to do the makeup, which will vary until we find the perfect one for you: the bride.

    Only one is done makeup with variationss if necessary. In the make-up test, both the beauty ampoule like the false eyelashes in small groups since, in this way, the result is the closest to that of the wedding day.

    Although we use a technique of high durability, the lipstick is something that lasts less because it is a day of kisses, rubbing, drinking... That is why in our exclusive service we include a lip signature sale size MAC. Once you have chosen your lipstick, we will go to the store to buy it specially for you. In addition to being able to touch up throughout the wedding, you will have an M&D memory every time you put it on, and we love that!

    The bridal makeup test takes place in our center and lasts approximately two hours.

    If you want to add proof of hairstyle, the duration of the test will be 4 hours in total.

  • The big day

    The VIB service differs primarily in that it is given exclusiveness the wedding day.

    That is, in Make Up & Dreams we only have a wedding per day to be able to adapt to any unforeseen event and any delay that may arise.

    We have discovered that this way brides enjoy more and are calmer. After performing the makeup we can stay until the photos of the preparations for any type of retouching, helping to dress the bride or putting the touched. It is summary, anything you need the girlfriend. Then we will say goodbye to wish you a great day, full of love and happiness.

    Make Up & Dreams is not just makeup, it is support and extra help so that your wedding day is your day. perfect.

  • The makeup

    Both the day of the test and the day of the makeup of the bride, the steps that are carried out in the makeup are the following:

    • Cleaning and facial hydration to prepare the skin. Application of flash blister.
    • Use of preparers of face so that the makeup looks much more (neutralizers, straighteners...).
    • Correction of imperfections (dark circles, blemishes...), unification of the skin tone and illumination of key points.
    • Design of the makeup.
    • Mask waterproof And pfalse tins in small groups.
    • Revision makeup to confirm that the intensities and finishes are correct and ffixation of makeup so that it lasts as long as necessary.
    • Special glitter for neckline or illuminator (optional).
    • Lipstick application with our own technique long lasting.

    Our brands: We use brands of high end such as MAC, Dior, Chanel, Laura Mercier, Anastasia, Huda, Kevyn Aucoin, Benefit, Charlotte Tilbury, Too faced, LH Cosmetics, Armani beauty…

    For the retouching we give you a lip signature MAC, purchased exclusively for you in the store, sale size so that you can use it on your wedding day and have a memory of the makeup of YOUR DAY.

  • Other services

    At M&D we have designed other services so that your wedding day is a day that no one forgets.

    We can not only make you shine with own light to you, the bride, but also to your guests.

    That is why we have at your disposal the following services for your guests during the party:

    Service hair and makeup retouching for your guests. You no longer have to worry if those tears of emotion have altered your makeup or if your hairstyle needs an extra bobby pin. We take care of everything! And do not think that it is a service only for girls. From our own experience we assure you that the Boys they sign up a lot for a touch up in their hairstyle, facial hydration or a hand massage. They enjoy the service just like them.

    A more fun, festival-inspired option to style coachella. Glitter, glitter, gems and temporary tattoos will mark a party of fun and a lot «glitter-glitter«.

    Both services include an assembly of stand with two options depending on the number of guests, as well as the service of one or two professional makeup artists that will perform the services to your guests in a personalized way.


To book the wedding day will be required:

  • Payment of € 60 as a signal (refundable) by transfer


  • Signed service agreement (before or during the test day)

The trial will be paid on the day.

The rest of the payment will be made before the wedding day by bank transfer, from which the € 60 will be deducted from the reservation.


For more information, availability and budget you can contact us. You will receive an answer as soon as possible

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Additional features:

  • Hairstyling

    Our main service is makeup. However, as a complement and as we are graduates in set hairdressing, we offer the hairstyle service exclusive for the bride.

  • Other makeups

    On many occasions, the mother of the bride or others family and friends require our services makeup.

    When contracting the service VIB and give you exclusiveness On the wedding day, we can make up whoever you want.

    You only have to take into account how many people will want to put on makeup to be able to calculate the times and that each person can to enjoy unhurried service.

  • Groom

    In case the boyfriend is in your same location, when you hire the VIB service you have the make-up service for the groom available. A makeup "good face" effect of approximately 30 minutes.

    Includes skin hydration, flash ampoule, correction of dark circles and blemishes, touch of sun effect, lip hydration and eyebrow fixation. ohThem they deserve it too!

  • Damsels

    Make-up for young ladies will include girls up to 12 years old. Makeup includes cleansing to hydrating the skin, shimmering and / or glitter eyeshadow, a touch of blush, sheer mascara, and tinted lip gloss.

    they will feel like princesses in your day