Microblading with Inma Uribes (@keralakilates)

Between May 7 and 13 in Make Up & Dreams We will have a new service available: microblading. This service will be carried out by Inma Uribes, a highly experienced graduate who normally works in some centers in Spain. That is why in Mallorca you will be temporarily only during the indicated days. In its instagram profile you have many of his works and the photos speak for themselves. Places are limited and, below, we give you all the information about the service so that you do not have any questions:

What is microblading?

Let's start with the basics: Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique performed hair by hair, allowing you to modify the shape and color of the eyebrow. In this way we can modify the shape of the eyebrow, fill it and perfect it in a beautiful way
This technique is done hair by hair with natural pigments and color adapted to each client to achieve, thus, a natural result.

What is the difference between micropigmentation and microblading?

The main difference between the two types of micropigmentation is basically the following:
In traditional micropigmentation, a less natural appearance is achieved, leaving the rougher pigments. It is performed in a deeper layer of the skin than in the case of microblading where it is only performed in the epidermis. 

Microblading is a precision technique since it is hair by hair and the whole drawing will depend on the professional's hand, so choosing it is very important.


This technique normally lasts approximately 1 year. The duration also depends on several factors such as the type of skin, lifestyle habits of the client and the professional who performs it.

The result:

The result of a microblading service is a natural, realistic and uniform eyebrow. The eyebrows will always be perfect without the need for makeup. Below, you can see some work done by Inma Uribe @keralakilates where you can appreciate that naturalness in its finishes:
It is not recommended for people who have diabetes, medicated with anticoagulants,
allergic. It is also not recommended for people with a history of keloids and pregnant women. 


The price of a microblading service can vary since it is not the same to make an eyebrow from scratch as to fill in some gaps. It also depends on the center and the experience and training of the professional. The average price for a full service is € 300 and usually includes the full service plus a touch-up / revision after one month.
To know the exact price of this service in Make Up & Dreams performed by Inma Uribe You can contact her (keralakilates@hotmail.com) and she will give you a personalized quote without obligation.
Places are limited, do not miss this opportunity!
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