Disposables in professional makeup

Disposables in professional makeup are very important utensils that every makeup artist should know and have in their makeup kit.

When putting on professional makeup, keep in mind that many types of people put on makeup and sometimes we do not know if that person has herpes or conjunctivitis. If we directly use a mascara, a gloss or put the makeup brush directly into the base, we are running the risk of contaminating our product and infecting the following clients that we make up.

I do not want to deviate from the topic so I will focus on WHAT A DISPOSABLE IS, WHAT IT IS USED FOR AND THE MOST COMMON TYPES OF DISPOSABLES. In addition, I will also comment on some related utensils and some hygiene rules that I use when applying makeup.

What is a disposable?

Disposables are utensils that are used only once. Once used they are discarded, hence the name "disposable".

What are they used for?

They are mainly used to avoid the risk of contagion of diseases such as herpes and conjunctivitis, among others. It seems silly but sharing a lipstick or gloss can result in the "gift" of herpes for life because herpes is a virus that, once infected, cells remain infected for life and will appear from time to time when throughout our lives.

Disposable types:

  • Disposable mask: Today there are many shapes and materials. The brush is inserted once into the mask reservoir. Also, in my case, I use a brush for each eye, since sometimes one eye can be infected even if it still does not have symptoms and thus we avoid infecting the other.

   desechablemascara1 desechablemascara

  • Gloss disposables: To avoid using the gloss directly, you can purchase these disposables, which are inserted once in the tank. If more product is needed a second disposable would be used. There are several types, brush or felt type. In my case I like felt ones more.


  • Sponges: In some cases I use disposable sponges which I release and throw away immediately after use. I usually use them in bodypainting for the most "intimate" areas but also in social makeup when it comes to people with skin conditions.


  • Swabs or Swabs: Very useful for removing makeup or correcting errors. I use two types, some very thin muji that a colleague bought for me on his recommendation and the typical double makeup that can be bought in any cosmetic or drug store.


Other utensils:

  • Spatulas and palettes: To pick up the product without touching directly with the brush or brush. Ideal for creams and liquids. Before using they must be disinfected with alcohol (in my case I use 70º alcohol). I use stainless steel and plastic.espatula-paleta
  • False eyelashes: False eyelashes, once used, are given to the client. I usually use the Grimas and Ardell brands because they are the ones that give me the best result.pestan%cc%83apostiza
  • Brush cleaner: After each use, I clean the brushes with the cleaner if I have to use them in a short time. But the clean ones are soap and water and I disinfect them.brushcleanser
  • 70º alcohol: This is what I use to disinfect both brushes (by means of a spray) and other utensils.alcohol-sanitario-70-interapothek-250ml
  • Hand sanitizer: I use it just before touching the client and starting to apply makeup. Just like washing your hands, I think it is a crucial step.higienizante

Sometimes this topic is downplayed but I never forget that, as a makeup artist, it is my responsibility. The cost of a disposable is negligible compared to what is gained in confidence and security. It's okay to worry about makeup looking gorgeous but from my point of view I value the makeup artist who cares about hygiene much more than the one who does out-of-the-box makeup and doesn't care at all. The first looks for the health of his client and that is priceless!

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