A "perfect" bride

Or that's what brides want on their wedding day. Some prefer to be more comfortable and others more daring, but all in common have the desire that everything turns out "perfect" that day. And many times that "everything perfect" is very difficult but I try that at least my part, that of makeup, be like this!

To make this possible, I always follow some steps prior to makeup that many of you already know: Skin cleaning, hydration and the use of the flash ampoule. All this increases the quality of the skin and makes the makeup look much better and last much longer.

I am still collecting photos of some of my girlfriends this year and I will make a post about them at the end of the year but in the meantime I can bring you these photos resulting from a wedding photography workshop that took place in May of this year.

It was done in Randa and I did the makeup for the bride (and also the groom, something more and more demanded!)

To choose the bride's makeup I take into account the following:

  • The bride's personality and taste
  • As she usually does makeup
  • Bouquet color and accessories.

As in this case the bouquet was in brown and gold tones I decided to use these all and in a medium intensity since in the photos the makeup always loses a lot.








As a last point I would like to tell you that the title of this post refers to the fact that, after all, and whatever the bride is, it ends up being perfect for being the bride. The makeup, the dress and the accessories make her look beautiful, but what really makes her be radiant is the happiness that that special day creates for her :)

I hope you liked it!!!

More information:

Photographs: Francisco Guerrero (one of the photographers who taught the workshop) and Javier Fernández (Grupo La siesta)
Models: Xisca Martorell and Jordi Morales
Wedding dress provided by the designer Tania Presa
Hairdresser: Juan de Ab Hairdresser
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