Care before and after makeup

As important as makeup is skin care before and after it. If a skin is cared for and beautiful, the makeup will look much better and better. This idea is logical but many times we don't fall for it.

Before and after makeup, the steps we must take to care for our skin are the same:

  • Cleaning
  • Hydration

By performing these steps BEFORE makeup we will prepare our skin for makeup. In this way, our makeup will look better and will last us longer.

Cleaning and hydrating our skin after makeup, we will make our skin breathe and regenerate itself.


The following products can be used:

  1. Specific make-up remover for eyes
  2. Facial soap
  3. Cleansing milk and tonic
  4. Micellar water

Depending on our skin we can use one product or another. Facial soap is very suitable for people who do not have much time, since it is one step compared to milk and tonic. However, the tonic is very suitable for people with very open pores, since it closes them. The specific make-up remover for eyes is (for me) irreplaceable !!

Milk, tonic and facial soap (Deliplús)


The products to use will be:

  1. Eye contour
  2. Facial moisturizer

The facial moisturizer for the day should have SPF (sun protection factor) and the night treatment (the most suitable for our skin). Besides, you can also use serums and various treatments that exist in the market, but these two steps are essential.


Moisturizing dry skin with SPF 30 (Isdin)

Moisturizing the skin before makeup you will notice how the makeup adapts much better and is more uniform. Before applying the foundation you can press with a tissue, to little taps, to remove the excess moisturizer, although if you use the corresponding amount it should not be necessary.

What about makeup remover wipes?

A question they always ask me. As a general rule I do not advise you to use them for your routine, only in exceptional cases. the wipes are in a humid environment (they are always wet) and should be a crop for mushrooms and so on. This does not happen due to the chemicals that are incorporated, products that are not very beneficial for our skin


Makeup remover wipes: very handy, but only occasionally !!

Are the most expensive products the best? What product should i use?

The answer to the first question is, of course not. There are many products on the market and some better than others regardless of price. We should focus more on the second question. Each person's skin is unique and only by trying the different products will we find the one that best suits our needs. However, there are always some clues that will help us choose our products (for skin, combination, oily, sensitive ... etc)

If you have any questions or have problems finding your product, it is best to consult with a dermatologist.

There are many brands Low cost with basic cleaning products for our skin, so the price is not an excuse !! You can find them in Carrefour (Les Cosmetiques), Mercadona (Deliplus) and in general, all supermarkets have this type of product. Similarly, cosmetic brands also have these essentials among their range of products (various brands such as L'Oreal, Kiko Make-Up, Bourjois ... etc)

Les Cosmetiques Products (Carrefour)

Cleaning and hydrating the skin, in addition to being done before and after makeup, should be a daily routine that should be done in the morning and at night. In the morning it is evident since it is necessary to clean our skin and hydration will protect it from external aggressions (cold, sun ... etc). At night it is very important since it is when our skin regenerates and if our skin is clean it will perform this action much better. If we also add an extra with our treatment cream ... it will be perfect !!

And you: Do you take care of your skin? What products do you use?

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