Good morning everyone!

This post is to show you other of my works that I had "backward" and pending to teach. It is a series of photos taken by José Gomis of Nereida Gallardo and it is basically about "beauties", portraits and fashion.

nereida gallardo retrato

In this portrait, eye-liner was used in the upper and lower area of the eye to create an effect of "false eyelashes", something that causes a more dramatic look. The lips, in intense red, stand out against a background in black and white.

Others, below, in black and white:

nereida gallardo retrato

One of my favorite images, with a Venetian mask and square format:


nereida gallardo blanco y negro fresa

Again, creating that contrast of red, but this time using the strawberry as we make up the lips in black.

Not all were in black and white, with another theme and different backgrounds:

nereida gallardo


nereida gallardo moda

These photos were made to be published in a couple of magazines which you can see in my section publications

I hope you liked it and that you have a good start to the week !!

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