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Hello everyone! I anticipate that this entry is going to be a little different from the rest. Many of you will know that last July 6 I traveled to Alicante to do an intensive airbrushing and, as I have received so many questions about it, I have decided to make a post about this experience.

And I say experience because it has not been a course without more! Going to an academy in Alicante alone, to a city that I had never visited, reminded me of when I left for Erasmus so many years ago since I felt the same tingling in my belly as at that moment.

The truth is that it cost me a lot to decide on the academy where to take the course. At first I looked at some academies in Barcelona, but they didn't quite convince me, because of the price, because of the overcrowding in the groups, because of the dates... Until I came across the Make Up Films website and was surprised by several things, including the formation of their teachers and the facilities they gave me to take the course.

The days I was in Alicante were July 6, 7 and 8 and the intensive course lasted 16 hours. I can tell you that I made the most of it and I loved it and that, although I ended up exhausted… I still wanted more!

The hotel where I stayed was in NH Cristal, a very central hotel and 15 minutes from the Academy. I couldn't enjoy it much since I was only going to sleep so I can only tell you that it was clean and that the area was very good (enough!)

I took advantage of the little free time I had to go for a walk and have an ice cream. I took some photos that I show you below.

Santa Barbara Castle

This last photo is of the ice cream that I ate and that, without a doubt, was the best ice cream I've ever eaten in my life. It is from an ice cream parlor that is on the Rambla de Méndez Núñez, almost in the port. By the way, I chose it from cookies!

Turning to the subject of the academy, Make Up Films can be found at Calle Arzobispo Loaces, 30, on the first floor.

There I was attended by Pepe (José Quetglas), director and teacher of the Academy, and then he introduced me to the one who would be my teacher, Rebeca Arriero. The course was fantastic. We learned how to assemble and disassemble the airbrush, we practiced on paper and then we tested each other for facial makeup. I was interested in learning how to use the airbrush for "body paintings" but I have to admit that the result for applying facial makeup surprised me.

Here are some photos to give you an idea.

I recommend 100% this academy. In fact, if I lived closer to Alicante, I would surely take many more courses with them. The professionalism is very noticeable and you take great advantage of the classes since the groups are small and Rebeca explains things very well and how many times it is necessary. Also point out that if you are from outside Alicante, as is my case, you should not worry because they helped me with everything, including hotel reservations.

More information about Make Up Films:

Make Up Films Official Website

Make Up films on Facebook

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