First parade of Aurora Vega

Good morning to all!!!

Well, last night of Kings, as I already announced in the corresponding entry, was the first parade of Aurora Vega in Ness Club (Ca´n Barbarà). As you know, Aurora asked me to make up her models for whom she wanted the same make-up; emerald green eyes with marked eye liner and coral red lips. For the tones these were the photos that he attached:

The truth is that the parade was great even though it was a little late (I guess that always happens… hehehe) According to what they told me, the sushi was delicious. I had a cocktail made by Aurora's father and the truth is that it was very, very good. The truth is that I was there until 4:30 in the morning so you can imagine that the company was very pleasant (thanks to all of you who came!!!)

Here are some photos of the parade:

Mari, Mary and Julia…. beautiful all three!!!
Julia: Grimas D8 Base, zoeva Butane, dark and medium beige Concealer, Touch Eclat YSL 01 Highlighter, Grimas 103 Eyebrow Liner, Grimas 101 Eye liner, Nyx Khol Jet Black Pencil, Mac Eyeshadow « Paradise Sea”, Eyeshadow green by Sleek from the Curacao I-divine palette, Eyeshadow 280 by Grimas, Coral red lip liner by Lina bocardi (06), Yves Rocher lipstick 07-049 in coral red. Grimas Blush 891. 
Mari: Grimas Base B2 and B4, Zoeva Yellow, Medium Pink and Dark Concealer, Touch Eclat YSL 01 Highlighter, Nyx HD Eye Primer, Grimas Eyebrow Pencil in shade 103, Grimas Eye liner 101, Khol Jet Pencil Nyx Black, Mac “Paradise Sea” Eyeshadow, Sleek Green Eyeshadow from the Curacao I-divine Palette, Grimas Eyeshadow 280, Lina Bocardi Coral Red Lip Liner (06), Yves Rocher 07-049 Coral Red Lipstick. Grimas Blush 891. 
Mery: Grimas B1 Base, Zoeva Light Beige, Light Pink and Dark Concealer, Touch Eclat YSL 01 Illuminator, Grimas 103 Eyebrow Liner, Grimas 101 Eyeliner, Nyx Khol Jet Black Pencil, Primer for Nyx HD eyes, Mac “Paradise Sea” eyeshadow, Sleek green eyeshadow from the Curacao I-divine palette, Grimas 280 eyeshadow, Lina bocardi coral red lip liner (06), Yves Rocher 07-049 lipstick in coral red. Grimas Blush 891. 

The makeup for the three models was the same, although I modified the application of the shadows to produce the best aesthetic effect according to their characteristics. I have to say that the three of them were gorgeous so it wasn't a difficult task…hehehe. You can see more photos and all the parade items HERE

And since I couldn't take a photo with Aurora on the day of the parade, I'll leave you with the one I took today in her store, which I'll have to go back to!!! that there is a dress that I can't get out of my head!!! hehe

Kisses and have a good start to the week!!!

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