Before and after an off-road mommy (part I)

Good morning to all!!!

For a long time I had thought about making an entry of this type because it is where the results of a good makeup are best seen ... A "before and after" ... I was thinking about who could do it until I found an ideal model ... a mommy !! ! I guess so, there will be moms who put on great makeup every day but the ones I know, the poor ones, don't have almost time to shower !!

My sister is a mommy twice and I already realized how her whole life changed when her first daughter was born. Of course having a baby has to be the most incredible thing in the world but you stop living your life to live that of another little person who needs all your time !!! For the record, my sister will be part of this "project" (that's why the part I in the title ... Sandy get ready!

Cris is a beautiful girl (you will see) and a new mother of a very beautiful boy, Javi, who is the toy of the whole group of friends. Javi is not yet a year old and Cris has passed the time of sleeping little, changes of pap, the first constipated ... I suppose that more or less the normal thing at this time but for that reason we must not detract from it.

We took advantage of Javi's nap to do the before and after, although in the end as he woke up he accompanied us very attentive to everything he did for the rest of the session ... hehe Well, without further ado, here are the photos ...

I present to you Cris, our super mommy !!

Well, you can see how beautiful without any makeup…. Cris has the typical mommy dark circles, some redness from having very fine skin and some pimples. Despite not taking much care of the skin, having it somewhat oily, it is very good for hydration issues. Well, the idea was to make her a hypernatural makeup, although with those big eyes I couldn't resist the eye-liner ...

When hanging the photos I realized that the light is different but it was that it had clouded from one photo to another :(. But come on, despite the fact that in the second photo the light is colder, all the makeup is well appreciated, no? At the end of the post I will write down everything I used in this makeup.

The makeup is very natural, an attempt was made to unify the entire face in the same tone and earth tones were used in eyes and lips. Only the eyeliner stands out to create a contrast in the eyes… I just couldn't resist !!! hee hee. Just give thanks to the super mommy Cris and Javi for dedicating their time to me (on top of that they invited me to eat… hehe) Look how handsome:

You can see that Javi has taken out the beautiful eyes of his mom ... A very big kiss to both of them !!!

And applause to all those moms to whom I dedicate this post ... PLAS, PLAS, PLAS !!! ;)

Makeup used in the session:

Correctors: Green, medium yellow and light pink from the Zoeva palette. I also used the «dark» to mark the cheekbone more
Makeup base: Grimas G4 Tone.
Translucent powders: Make Up Powder by Grimas
Illuminator: YSL Touche Eclat in Tone 2
Eyebrow pencil: 022-103 by Grimas
Shades: 280 de Grimas (skin color) and Duo Clinique Palette Two to Tango line in tone 2.
Eye liner: 101 by Grimas
Khol pencil: 07 Jet Black from Nyx
Blush: 891 from Grimas
Profiler: 857 Nyx Nude Beig shade
Gloss: 112 by Kiko

If you want to know more about brushes, ask me;)

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  1. Amanda
    Amanda says:

    Hello Aurora !! Go if she is beautiful !! he he. I'm writing it down about pigments, there are several little tricks so I'll make a specific entry for it. I love that they give me ideas !! Kisses!!!


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