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Good morning everyone!!!

Here I present the mini self-makeup course that was already so successful in its first edition, so I have modified it to improve it and offer it to you again. It is still a fully studied course so that people can get the most out of it and, at the same time, have a good time.

  • Duration: 3 and a half hours to be distributed as follows:
  1. 30/40 min. of THEORY, where a structured agenda will be given and explained in a summarized and intensive way.
  2. 15-20min. of rest that we will take advantage of to chat about doubts or any other topic while we "sting" a little.
  3. The rest of the time will be dedicated to practice.
  • Temary: I will give you a written agenda that will be for you. In it we will treat skin care before and after makeup, type of face, steps to take when applying makeup, correct use of brushes ... etc. There will be a special section for questions.
  • Break: During the break we will chat a little while having something (soft drinks, coffee ...) and we will snack on something. All this will be on my account.
  • Practice: For practice you must bring your material (everything you have) so we can see what we can take advantage of. I know that many of you accumulate a lot of material and it will be time to learn how to take advantage of it. If you need something specific I will lend it to you. We will also take the opportunity to see if you need something specific. In that case I will advise you which product would be better for you and in which places you can buy it.
  • Location: In principle, my home (Palmanova) for the purpose of transporting all the necessary material for the course, but there is the possibility of doing it at the home of someone who does the course.


  • It is not a course for selling products. If I advise you any because you need it, it is so that you can go look at it later, because I know many products on the market. The objective of the course is TO HAVE A GOOD TIME AND LEARN TO USE YOUR MAKEUP.
  • THERE IS NO DAY OR SCHEDULE SET. I usually organize my schedule from one week to another so stay with those of you who want to take the course on a specific day and contact me.
  • The minimum to do the course is 2 people and maximum 4.
  • The price will depend on whether you want to do it at my home or elsewhere. With this course I seek to promote myself, that you know me and see my way of working. So it is very economical.

There is the possibility of doing this course in larger groups. The agenda, practice and price would be adapted so that it would be even cheaper.

For more information and reservations you can send me an email to the following address:

I wait for you !!!
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  1. esteticista
    beautician says:

    Very good contribution. Taking into account the importance of personal image today, I consider that training in this area generates many possibilities. The field of aesthetics currently offers numerous job offers.


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