We offer bespoke, professional and long-lasting makeup for your special day.


Learn how to get the most out of your products and know what really suits you.

Corporate events

We adapt to the needs and characteristics of the event, from natural makeup to fantasy and body painting.


Make Up & Dreams also offers makeup for photoshoots, video clips, children's parties and everything that involves makeup.

Who I am?

I am Amanda and I have been in the world of makeup for more than 10 years, doing makeup and coordinating teams. I am passionate about weddings and any project that allows me to develop my most artistic facet.

We adapt to your preferences and needs

Make Up & Dreams has performed many services for weddings, photoshoots, courses and video clips, among others. Also, have participated in a wide variety of projects and events, such as catwalks, showrooms and openings. In all of them being fully involved, adjusting to the needs of the client and providing personal ideas whenever necessary.


With us you are safe

Make Up & Dreams has hired a BUSINESS INSURANCE that includes CIVIL LIABILITY of EXERCISE, PRODUCTS and/or POST JOBS so that our CUSTOMERS are insured for any unforeseen that may arise.

Recommendations from our clients

Amanda is a person with great ideas, very clear and perfectly knowing how to carry them out. perfectionist to the core, very delicate and soft when working on the skin ... two sessions in a row for 8 hours and I'm looking forward to it. An exquisite treatment, helps with styling, even removes make-up and hydrates the skin ... she carries out her work to the end, the first time I meet someone like that ... she has amazed me and I recommend her to die. A hug my friend.

Amanda, an excellent makeup professional, has been one of my greatest discoveries, the results of the sessions would have nothing to do without her work, creative, she helps you, she gives you solutions, all the models she has made up speak highly of her , and they would repeat without thinking, it is formal and punctual, he takes his work very seriously and so far my presentation on Amanda as a professional. As a person I fall short with all of the above. That is why I will always have her and I will recommend her to every self-respecting professional.

Well, I will try to be as objective as possible despite the friendship that unites us. Excellent professional, perfectly mastering fashion makeup, as well as the most diverse characterization works, a bodypainting artist, and a great imagination doing fantasy makeup. When working, he knows how to perfectly adapt to the needs of the session at all times, perfectly capturing and executing the idea to be developed when the work requires it. On the other hand, in more open sessions where there is more room for creativity, it is where he surprises us with his ideas that always give a quality plus to the session. At the level of personal treatment, an excellent person, with great ability to work, great ability to communicate and deal with people, which creates an unbeatable atmosphere when working.

I recommend Amanda since I had the honor of working with her and for me it was a luxury that her brushes have painted my body with her art, this girl transmits a lot of peace and good vibes, she works very well with Amanda apart from the artist who it is, my experience was very good and I was very happy with the results! ;-)